Hello! I’m brand new to the blogging world, so bear with me.

I’m passionate for baking bread and other sweet things. I love the satisfaction of watching my dough rise on my counter. I’m a slave to the suspense of slicing open a new loaf after hours of work to see that it has indeed risen properly and is airy and holey inside. I love knowing that I can create a dessert that is unprocessed and in my opinion ‘better’ than anything I could find in a grocery store.(except maybe oreos…mmm oreos) I enjoy sharing with others– something my climbing friends always seem to appreciate!

For my 21st birthday my parents bought me this beautiful trendy boy-girl watch. You know the one’s I’m talking about- they’re big like a man’s watch but just delicate and shiny enough for a female, the ones that make womens wrists appear tiny? Well as much as I appreciated (and wanted) said watch I asked my parent’s if I could return their very generous gift and replace it with a Kitchen Aid. And thus the story begins.

I hope you enjoy the photos and recipes, but as a full disclosure, I am by no means a photographer, just someone who has access to a fancy camera, although I am attempting to learn. I will try to post something new once every week or so. I’m always up for suggestions and I love reading your feedback! Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Marilyn Funger

    Paige I just finished reading your blog and all your amazing recipes,I cant wait to try the poppyseed lemon muffins. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bonnie

    You are the cutest and I’m so impressed by you! I’m going to bribe your Mom with lunch if she will give me some of your ginger treats!

  3. Janet Funger

    Hi there~
    Your grandmother, Marilyn, gave me your blog site. She and I are first cousins and I live in New Westminster! Where is your bakery?

    • paige

      Hi there! I also live in New West, but the bakery I work at is on Victoria on the corner of Powell. It’s called Scandilicious Dockside. The address is 25 Victoria Drive, If you do ever make it out there, please ask for me, I’m there monday to friday until 230 everyday!

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