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Pillowy Soft Black Bread

So I’ve been rather MIA for the past few months, partly due to a fairly hectic summer that led into an even busier semester. I’m currently in culinary(bread and pastry) school and I moved across the country! Big stuff that … Continue reading

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Sourdough With a Yeast Push

Unlike a lot of other bloggers, I do not fear a wet dough. I aim for one. One of the first things that I discovered was the wetter the dough the better the crumb consistency- at least in my opinion. … Continue reading

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How an Unfortunate Event Led to Incredible Sourdough

If only you were in my kitchen when this bread emerged from my oven. If you could have just smelled the twangy aromas of this bread, you might just understand how delightful it really is. The strange thing about this … Continue reading

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Simple (cheater) Sourdough

So the reason I labeled this my cheater sourdough is because I also used a tiny bit of store bought yeast to aid in the leavening process.  I am currently on my 4th starter, each one has suffered its own pitiful death. … Continue reading


Light Sour Rye

This recipe produces a chewy light rye bread. It has the desired rye flavor, but is much less dense. My father’s favorite bread is a good Jewish Rye, so I’ve made it my mission to recreate his favorite from scratch. … Continue reading

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